Senior Companion Care – Denver, CO

The need for basic human interaction and companionship is often overlooked when it comes to discussing elder care services, but the senior caregivers at All the Comfort of Home recognize the impact that senior companion care services can make.

As you and your loved ones age, it is natural that friends and family pass away or that lack of mobility and declining health can leave elderly individuals feeling isolated and alone. The goal of our elderly companion care services is to ensure that seniors feel they have someone to share experiences with and who can assist them with basic, non-medical needs as necessary. Our senior companion caregivers are passionate about each of our elderly patients, and truly enjoy spending time with them, exchanging stories and laughter, sharing memories, and making new ones. We want to be there for your loved ones when you can’t be.

Elderly companion care is one of the most underutilized senior care services, however, it can truly be one of the most important. There have been many studies that show the life expectancy of someone who has lost a spouse or lives completely alone is much shorter than those who surround themselves with friends and family while staying engaged in social activities. Our senior companion care providers can become an instant source of mental stimulation, social interaction, and emotional support for any senior who utilizes our companionship services.

What is the Difference Between Senior Companion Care and Personal Care / Skilled Nursing?

Essentially, elderly companion care is more centered on emotional and psychological support, whereas personal care for seniors can often include specialized medical skilled nursing requirements. Generally, a senior who uses our elderly companionship care services does not require special medical attention on a regular basis, rather, they may simply need basic assistance with a few daily activities, such as running errands, helping with pets, or simple household chores. Here are some of the activities a senior companion caregiver might assist with:

Meal Preparation
Grocery Shopping
Helping with Pets or Plants
Assisting with Chores & Housekeeping, such as Laundry and Dishes
Transporting to Appointments or Events
Additional Non-Medical Related Tasks

Most importantly, our senior care companions are there to offer a listening ear, play a game of cards, or simply sip lemonade and enjoy the sunshine with our patients on a nice summer day. All the Comfort of Home includes the comfort of knowing you or your loved one has someone to share and enjoy life with on a regular basis.

Contact All the Comfort of Home today to find the perfect senior companion caregiver who can be there at a moment’s notice to offer emotional support and friendship when it’s needed most.