Medication Management for Elderly – Denver, CO

Medication management for elderly individuals can be a large undertaking for caretakers, but Denver’s licensed in-home care professionals at All the Comfort of Home give you peace of mind that all your loved one’s medication administration needs will be met by our highly-trained and compassionate elder care medication aides.

Our in-home health care aides and skilled nursing staff are licensed by the state of Colorado to administer medications of nearly any type—whether it’s simple medication reminders, or assistance with catheters, injections, and more intensive medical treatments. Your elderly loved ones will be in expert hands when it comes to their medication regime with All the Comfort of Home’s medication management home care services.

Do You Need Medication Management Assistance for Elderly Individuals?

Often times, our Denver in-home elder care patients have a growing list of medications that must be taken throughout the day at various times. Medication management and administration can prove difficult for people at any stage in life, but when a senior is beginning to feel the effects of memory loss, dementia, and additional common symptoms of aging, keeping track of medications and using proper medication administration techniques can prove nearly impossible to do on their own.

Furthermore, the added responsibility of medication management for caretakers within the family can be a major stressor. Medication administration may require special training and diligence that some family members and caretakers simply do not possess. Our in-home senior caregivers can devote the time and experience required for proper medication management. Our skilled nursing staff will provide comprehensive medication administration training and education to both in-home care patients and their families, as well as medication reminders and professional assistance with more difficult medication needs.

Our Medication Management Home Care Services

Our medication aides can help you and your elderly loved ones create a detailed medication regimen or create simple medication reminders to ensure that meds are not forgotten or lost, and that proper dosages are given. Here are some of the medication management home care services for the elderly that we offer:

Daily or hourly medication reminders.
• Education and training to elderly individuals and family members on proper dosages, medication administration techniques, side effects, and more.
• Comprehensive medication plans to ensure no duplicate or missed dosages.
• Consistent evaluation of how the medication is working and awareness of potential side effects or negative interactions to medications.
• Administration of medication that may need special training or skilled nursing assistance (IE catheters, PICC lines, wound dressage, injections, etc).
• Communication and coordination with health care team, such as primary health care provider.

Our medication aides will be there for your elderly loved one’s needs any time, day or night. We are fully equipped to handle even some of the most difficult medication administration needs. Our in-home medication assistance professionals consistently administer medications skillfully, with the utmost compassion, so you can rest assured that the seniors you care for will be in the most competent hands in the Denver in-home elder care industry.

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