Light Housekeeping for Elderly – Denver, CO

The in-home senior care staff at All the Comfort of Home offer light housekeeping for elderly individuals who want to live independently in their Denver home, but might need just a bit of extra help with daily household chores.

As your loved one ages, certain daily housekeeping tasks that were once second nature may get neglected as elderly individuals experience issues with dementia, decreased mobility, forgetfulness, and other natural symptoms of aging. The goal of our in-home elder care staff is to assist elderly patients with independent living practices while ensuring they are fully completed in a safe and effective manner.

As it becomes more difficult for elder care patients to keep up with daily housekeeping and chores, their homes often become increasingly cluttered and disorganized. This can create a great deal of stress for elder care patients and their loved ones. Our compassionate senior caregivers perform light housekeeping services for seniors to ease their burdens, as well as offer peace of mind to family and friends. Using our Denver senior housekeeping services allows more time for fun recreational activities that keep the brain sharp and body active, and less time worrying about mundane household chores.

All the Comfort of Home’s Comprehensive Light Housekeeping for Seniors

When daily tasks and household chores are neglected for long periods of time, it can become a health hazard and safety risk. Expired food in the fridge invites food-borne illness; grease, oil, or crumbs that are not cleaned out of appliances can cause fires; and germs on kitchen and bathroom counter tops that aren’t effectively sanitized can bring on serious infections, especially for elder care patients with a compromised immune system. Our diligent elderly housekeeping service teams ensure that all light housekeeping needs are covered, so your elderly loved one can focus on their health and happiness. Here are some of the light housekeeping services for seniors that we offer:

Home Organization Services: If there are unpaid bills, overdue library books, financial statements, and other mail or paperwork that is piling up, our housekeeping staff helps seniors get and stay organized and up-to-date with finances and all correspondence. We also organize closets, pantries, cupboards, and more, to help make it easier for seniors to get and find what they’re looking for without having to take unnecessary risks bending, stretching, or climbing.

Kitchen Cleaning: Our light housekeeping for elderly patients includes keeping kitchens organized and sanitary. We do everything from helping with dishes, sweeping floors, sanitizing counter tops and cooking areas, organizing cupboards, getting rid of expired food, and cleaning appliances.

Bathroom Cleaning:
We ensure the bathroom is a safe place for seniors by organizing medicine cabinets, getting rid of expired prescriptions and creams, keeping floors dry to avoid slippage, and sanitizing toilets, sinks, and counter tops.

Laundry, Ironing, and Linens: Our light housekeeping services for elderly patients includes help with laundry, keeping clothes and closets organized, ironing and folding, and even changing linens for a clean and comfy bed every night.

Light Gardening Assistance: Aching joints, bad backs, and weakened muscles can make it hard for seniors to do the bending and digging required to maintain their gardens and landscaping. However, our caring senior housekeeping assistance teams allow elderly individuals to keep doing the gardening activities that bring them joy, by making sure gardening activities are completed safely and properly.

Pet Care: Our in-home housekeeping staff can offer basic assistance with pets, such as cleaning cages and changing litter boxes, feeding and grooming pets, and more.

We want your special senior to maintain his or her healthy, active lifestyle, without the added stress and potential safety risks that come with basic household chores. Let us do the tough work and call the Denver senior caregivers at All the Comfort of Home today for more information on our light housekeeping for elderly services!