Grooming and Hygiene for the Elderly- Denver, CO

Senior Home Care Hygiene Assistance that Covers All the Bases

The Denver in-home senior care professionals at All the Comfort of Home take special interest in ensuring that proper personal grooming and hygiene for the elderly patients in our care is a priority. Personal care and hygiene for seniors can be a tough topic to tackle, because many of our elder care clients feel as though asking for assistance with hygiene, grooming, and bathing is akin to surrendering their independence, and is often viewed as a very personal, private matter. Our compassionate senior caregivers can help address this topic with grace and sensitivity. Our goal is to help our senior patients feel comfortable while making sure they are properly groomed and all hygienic needs are fully met.

Personal hygiene and proper grooming should be a natural part of everyday life, however extra in-home assistance with personal hygiene care for the elderly can become a necessity, especially for seniors with dementia, lack-of-mobility, or declining mental health. Unfortunately, as our senior patients age, sometimes even the most basic personal care and hygiene practices can become overwhelming and even forgotten as the cognitive and physical capabilities of our elderly patients declines. The senior hygiene and personal care professionals at All the Comfort of Home can help make the difficult aging transitions easier with comprehensive hygiene and grooming assistance for seniors you care about.

Elderly Hygiene Issues and Care

Many Denver seniors and their families are often in denial about the need for in-home elderly hygiene care. Signs that indicate the need for grooming and hygiene assistance include wearing the same clothing repeatedly, issues with incontinence, failing to bathe or shower, not shaving or brushing teeth, etc. The senior caregivers at All the Comfort of Home help our Denver patients navigate these daily hygiene practices. We tailor our in-home personal hygiene care services to fit the unique needs of each individual, to fit their varying levels of dependence.

Our Senior In-Home Personal Care and Hygiene Assistance Includes:

Bathing Assistance
Personal Grooming
Oral Hygiene
Toilet and Incontinence Assistance
Help with Dressing / Choosing Proper Attire

All of our senior-in home care, particularly our personal hygiene and grooming services, are performed with the goal of helping our Denver patients age with dignity. If you notice an elderly family member or friend who needs a bit of extra help with hygiene and grooming, our caregivers can help facilitate the conversation with sensitivity and ease.

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