Errands and Transportation Assistance for Seniors – Denver, CO

All the Comfort of Home offers errands and transportation assistance for seniors in the Denver area who are living independently, but may need an extra hand with daily tasks. Our personal transportation and errand services for seniors can help maintain independence and dignity, while providing the necessary assistance to ensure their safety, based on each senior’s varying needs.

Errand Services for Seniors

Our in-home senior care staff offers assistance with errands and daily tasks for elderly patients who may experience difficulties with mobility, dementia, or other medical concerns which impede the ability to leave the house on their own. Our errand assistance for seniors gives family members peace of mind that any grocery or household item needs, pet care, and personal care / doctor appointments will be taken care of, so you don’t have to feel responsible to take care of all these tasks for your loved ones.

There are several reasons why our Denver elder care patients may need senior errand services. Perhaps they are at a point where driving is not safe anymore, or the risk of falling is too great, and it has become unsafe for them to perform these daily errands on their own. If you are constantly worried that your favorite senior is having difficulty performing daily tasks and running errands independently, it is important to ask for help right away to avoid potential accidents. Our in-home senior care staff will lighten your burden and make sure all personal health and hygiene needs are being met for each senior patient. Our compassionate in-home caregivers are there to provide gentle assistance with errands or perform errands entirely for elderly patients who are completely unable to do so themselves.

Signs You Need Errand Services for Seniors

• Decreased mobility or increased risk of falling
• Forgetfulness of daily tasks (IE: forgetting to take out the trash, lack of personal hygiene, stale or expired food in pantry/refrigerator, pets having accidents in the home due to not being outside, prescriptions running out and not being refilled)
• Senior seems adverse or hesitant to perform errands or neglects them altogether
• Health issues prevent seniors from leaving the home or standing for periods of time
• Dangerous driving habits
• Missed appointments

Personal Transportation Services for Seniors

When driving has become a true danger for the elderly individual in your care, enlisting errands and transportation services for seniors is imperative. The ability to drive is a sign of independence, and it can be quite difficult for many seniors to give up the keys once their ability to drive is compromised. Our in-home senior care staff can help family members open the conversation with their loved ones and make the transition to personal transportation assistance services a positive experience.

Many times, our senior in-home care patients don’t even realize that they are putting themselves and others at risk by getting behind the wheel. Our skilled in-home elder care staff is trained to recognize the signs that signal an elderly person should be restricted from driving. We also take the burden off family members by offering senior transportation services whenever necessary, so family members can take more time focusing on their own daily routine. We understand that life gets busy, and the more health concerns your loved one has; the more stressful senior caretaking can become. Let us be your senior’s chauffeur!

If an in-home elder care patient is not confident in their driving abilities, they also may be afraid to ask for rides from their family and friends because they don’t want to be an inconvenience. The senior caregivers at All the Comfort of Home can anticipate your senior’s needs, and will make sure that all errands and appointments are completed safely, so your elderly loved one can get out and about without the fear or dangers of getting behind the wheel.

Signs You Need Senior Transportation Services

• Frequent missed appointments
• Lack of mobility, poor eyesight, poor hearing, delayed reaction time
• Reluctance to attend social events or perform errands due to fear of driving in high traffic
• Dents, scratches, or dings on car/ Car accidents
• Traffic violations or parking tickets
• Getting lost
• Losing keys
• Running out of gas

The thought of someone with diminished mobility, poor eyesight, loss of hearing, reduced reaction time or motor skills, and poor mental acuity, having to navigate traffic, see and hear traffic lights, horns, and sirens, or entering and exiting parking lots, can be scary for family members and elderly drivers themselves. Take the pressure off yourself, and ensure your favorite senior can still enjoy leaving the house and performing independent living tasks, without the risks of driving.

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