Bathing Assistance for Elderly – Denver, CO

The Denver elder care professionals at All the Comfort of Home offer shower and bathing assistance for elderly clients who need a sensitive, helping hand when it comes to hygiene and personal care. Our elderly bathing service is centered around the goal of providing bathing, shower, and personal care that allows our clients to maintain their dignity while providing patience and understanding that admitting the need for help with bathing can be a difficult challenge for most seniors.

As our loved ones age, the potential for loss of mobility can make bathing and showering sometimes nearly impossible. Showering and bathing can become quite dangerous with the potential for slipping or hurting oneself going in and out of the bathtub, which is why it is important for elderly patients who require in-home senior care to take advantage of bathing assistance. Most bathrooms in your Denver home are not optimized for senior living, so its important to take extra precautions to use bathing and showering aids for seniors.

We Make Bathing & Grooming for Seniors a Dignified Experience

Often times, the conversation about starting in-home bathing assistance for elderly loved ones can be difficult and uncomfortable. The compassionate senior caregivers at All the Comfort of Home can help facilitate this difficult topic and make bathing care for seniors much more comfortable and less embarrassing for all parties involved. We pay attention to the very unique health and hygiene needs of seniors in our care, and tailor our bathing and showering assistance to meet the exact requirements of the individual.

Our Senior Bathing Assistance Services Include:


• Bathing / Showering assistance
• Bed Baths
• Assistance with Dressing /Undressing
• Purchasing Proper Personal Hygiene Items
• Additional Aid with Grooming / Toilet Assistance

Does My Elderly Loved One Need Help with Bathing and Grooming?

Signs that your loved one might need elderly bathing and grooming assistance can include:

• They have difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub, using the toilet, or other previously simple activities.
• They are becoming forgetful and daily hygiene seems to be more of a struggle to remember.
• You are noticing a disheveled appearance, wearing the same clothes every day, hair is not brushed, face is unshaven.
• Body odor is becoming an issue.
• There are no personal care products in the home, or you can tell they is not being used. (IE shampoo, body wash, etc).
• The topic of bathing or showering elicits anger or discomfort, and the senior avoids the issue.

If you suspect your loved one is having trouble bathing, not bathing properly, or neglecting bathing and showering altogether and need some extra help convincing a senior to bathe, the seasoned professional in-home senior caregiving staff can make the process of bathing, dressing and undressing, and self-care or personal grooming a much more pleasant, easier experience for everyone. We acknowledge the unique challenges our seniors face when it comes to bathing and dressing themselves, but we also understand how tough it can be to ask for help with these sensitive areas. We will become your greatest ally and advocate in this transition. Let us ensure your elderly loved ones are able to bathe and use proper hygiene safely, effectively, and comfortably in their own home environments.

Contact All the Comfort of Home’s Denver caregiving staff today for more information on personal care, hygiene, and bathing assistance for the elderly people you care about!