Todd Chambers­ Owner/President

Todd has been working with seniors for 31 years – and is almost a senior himself! He started All the Comfort of Home in January of 2008 and is the owner / director of operations. He works daily to make sure that his passion for helping our clients remain independent and live as healthy a life as possible is infused throughout the company.


Lori George­ Business Office Manager

Lori started working for ATCOH in April, 2013 as a caregiver. Then in August she was offered the opportunity to be part of the office staff. Lori generates payroll, invoices, takes care of receivables and past due accounts. She also heads Quality Management and any other projects that need attention. Lori enjoys working in homecare because of the opportunity to meet people and she likes knowing that we are helping make our client’s lives more fulfilling and we make them happy!


Veronica Gurule­ Care Coordinator

Veronica started with the company in August of 2015 as a caregiver. She has truly enjoyed the relationships built and the time spent with each client. In September, she joined the office staff as a Care Coordinator. “I love putting a smile on their face and mine, knowing I made someone’s day by being there, spending time and helping them!”


Christina Davis­ Community Relations Manager

Christina has been working with aging adults and seniors in senior care for nearly a decade and recently joined the ATCOH family in 2016. She has a passion for serving seniors and is delighted to be part of such an extraordinary team of caring and devoted professionals. Building relationships in the community and helping seniors to maintain their independence at home are strengths of Christina’s and she is delighted to put those talents to use with a company with such integrity and compassion.


Cassie Courtnage­ Community Relations Manager

Cassie has been with ATCOH since 2014 and loves it. She spends her time spreading the word about the great service that ATCOH offers and meets with families to determine how best we can support seniors. Cassie is proud to be part of an organization and industry that helps seniors stay independent and safe in their homes.


“I wouldn’t trade them in for nothing. I’d have a hard time without them. I’ve appreciated all the professional help and attention and they make me feel like smiling.”